A lighthearted story about a young woman who dedicates her sleuthing skills to catch cheating husbands in the act.

Never mix business with pleasure.

Deeva McCoy's life seems to go from bad to worse when she's fired from her less-than-satisfying job. While consoling herself at home, she gets sucked into the daytime drama of a popular talk show where sexy decoys set up unsuspecting men on live television. Deeva gets an entrepreneurial brainstorm-- women would pay her to find out if their men are cheaters--and Decoys, Inc., is born.

One Monday morning, however, her world shatters yet again when a client requests an investigation of Tristan Savage, with whom Deeva happens to have just spent the most incredible weekend of her life. Unable to fight her attraction to Tristan, Deeva breaks one of her primary rules of business and continues the relationship. But when her lover discovers who she really is, the life and career she's worked so hard to build could all go up in flames. . . .