The music industry is a large, growing, and often impenetrable business. Who you know, what you know, and who knows you are the three most important factors that will determine your success in the music business. "Networking Strategies for the New Music Business" teaches the reader how to break into the insular world of the business and advance their career by creating successful personal relationships. Written by a veteran and recognized expert in the business, the book teaches both professional and aspiring musicians the importance of personal contact as well as proper protocol, etiquette, how to make and maintain contacts, and the right way to submit or get his/her work noticed. Working off of the premise that trends and styles in music change but the people behind the scenes do not, the book helps musicians lay the ground work for an ever-changing career. Learn from the author as he shares both triumphs and setbacks throughout a career that has taken him from biker bars to a prestigious career that involves both teaching and working with world-renowned professional musicians. "Networking Strategies for the New Music Business" combines humor with hard reality to teach the basic social and professional skills that musicians need to succeed in the music business.