Wit, humor, and warmth permeate the stories in this collection. Here are more than 50 traditional folktales from the people of Poland, ranging from animal and humorous tales to why stories, tales of magic and the supernatural, and local legends. In addition, you'll find riddles, nursery rhymes, games and activities, recipes, and background information on the land, the people, and the stories-all enhanced by maps and handsome color photos and illustrations. A wonderful addition to the folklore collection, this book provides material that folklorists will wish to study, storytellers will be eager to share with their audiences, and educators will want explore with their students.

A delicious assortment of folktales from Poland awaits you in this appealing collection. More than 50 tales range from local legends, animal tales, and magic tales to religious legends, stories of demons and supernatural creatures, humorous tales, and how and why tales-exemplifying the Polish spirit, character, and sense of humor. In addition, you'll find historical background; directions for traditional games, crafts, recipes; and color photographs that depict the people, the land, and the traditions of this fascinating country.