Not your average poetry collection.

That poor old chicken never saw it coming. Neither did the owl who was slain by one of his own. And what about that bear who just wanted to lose a little more weight? If only he hadn't insisted on hibernating for quite so long...

Children's Poet Laureate J. Patrick Lewis and the inimitable Jane Yolen team up in this ironic and witty take on the last moments in the lives of a variety of animals. Each poem in this darkly humorous collection is an epitaph of a different animal. Grouped by animal type, these posthumous poems are full of clever wordplay and macabre humor that will appeal to kids (and adults) of all ages.

Aside from the comical nature of this book of poetry, complemented perfectly by Jeffrey Stewart Timmins' dark yet amusing illustrations, the length of the poems--which range from one to eighteen lines--create an inviting way to introduce readers to this often intimidating form of literature.

This book is good for your brain because it provides:
Poetry, rhythm and rhyme, good for the reluctant reader, humorous, life science, animal study, figurative language, word play