Life is close to perfect for Charlotte and Curtis Black--except that their son Matthew's girlfriend, Racquel, is eight months pregnant and Racquel's mother, Mona, and Charlotte can't stand each other.

On the day of Racquel's baby shower, Charlotte and Mona have a major blow up and the stress sends Racquel into early labor. Curtis is displeased with Charlotte's behavior, something that slowly but surely drives a new wedge between them. Charlotte finds herself spending just a little too much time with Racquel's father, and it's becoming harder and harder for her to resist his seductive comments.

At the same time, Curtis is consumed with church business, including the addition of two new associate ministers. Unbeknownst to Curtis, one of the new ministers secretly connects with someone from Curtis's past and sets out to destroy him so he can become the new senior pastor of Deliverance Outreach.

Increasingly furious with his mother, Matthew gives Charlotte an ultimatum--treat Racquel and her mom with respect or she'll be cut off from seeing the baby altogether. This sends Charlotte down a road of revenge. Once again, the Black household is torn apart, and it will take a miracle for anyone to recover.