Debates on the authenticity of the Star Wars franchise and the hero-or-villain status of George Lucas are at the heart of these essays by bestselling science-fiction authors. The incredible popularity of the movies has led to the formation of strong emotions within the science fiction community on the strengths and flaws of the films, exemplified here by David Brin's attacks and Matthew Woodring Stover's defense of the movies. This intense examination of the epic works addresses a broad range of issues—from politics, religion, and the saga's overall logic to the impact of the series on bookshelf space as well as science-fiction film. The question Is George Lucas a hero for bringing science fiction to a mass audience or a villain who doesn't understand the genre he's working for? is discussed before a final "Judge's Verdict" on the greatness—or weakness—of the franchise is reached.

15-year old Carlos Amoroso is a virgin - and he's desperate to change that. The object of his desire is Roxy, who doesn't even know Carlos exists. When he sees a television show where a clueless straight guy gets a makeover from a group of gay men, Carlos wonders if Sal, who's gay, might be able to help him. Even though things with Sal - and Roxy - don't turn out the way Carlos expected, through the course of the makeover Carlos learns about life and love, and finally starts to get it.