Every question Chicago sports fans want to explore is here, such as: Who is the better coach: Phil Jackson or Mike Ditka? Who's the Sox's biggest rival: Indians, Twins or Cubs? Which players, not already in, most deserve to make the Hall of Fame?

Every Chicago fan knows that the only thing better than watching sports is arguing about them-picking the best, the worst and who will come out on top. And no city tears its sports teams apart like we do in the Windy City!
Veteran Chicago sportswriter John "Moon" Mullin takes you inside the 100 best debates in Chicago sports. Covering the Bears, Cubs, Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks and beyond, every question you want to debate is here-as well as a few surprises.

Arguments include:
Who wins? Butkus vs. Payton. Sayers vs. Urlacher
Who is the best Chicago announcer? Jack, Harry...or?
NBA's best? Jordan's Bulls, Magic's Lakers or Bird's Celtics?
Who really killed the '85 Bears? Was it just McCaskey?
The Ultimate Bears Coach? Papa Bear or Da Coach?
Who does Chicago most love to hate? A Piston, a Packer or one of our own?