Learn to speak, understand, read, and write Chinese with the most complete and up-to-date program available!

Ultimate Chinese is a deluxe course with everything you need to learn Chinese from scratch or to revive the Chinese that you learned years ago. Developed by the experts at Living Language, it is a comprehensive, multi-media program that includes 8 CDs, a book, and a bonus interactive CD-ROM. Ultimate Chinese is the perfect way to learn to speak Chinese for school, travel, work, or personal enrichment.

Ultimate Chinese teaches Mandarin and Pinyin (a romanized Chinese writing system) is used throughout the course while you become familiar with the vocabulary and structure of the language. The HÀNZÌ (Characters) section of the course introduces you to the Chinese writing system gradually, with instructions on stroke order and the inclusion of the most basic and essential Chinese characters.

In this package you’ll find:

1 comprehensive coursebook with 40 lessons. Each lesson contains a lively and authentic dialogue, vocabulary, grammar and usage, cultural highlights, and plenty of practice. The book also contains review sections, a grammar summary, a glossary, and more.

8 Audio CDs
*4 CDs for use with the book
*4 more CDs that expand upon what you learn in each lesson, designed for review, reinforcement, and practice on-the-go

that contains flashcards with over 500 vocabulary words and phrases. You can see the word and its English translation, and can hear the word spoken too. Includes both learn and practice modes.