One stormy night on the California coast, elegant 58-year-old Fenny Dexter opens her door to a blood-soaked man claiming to have been in an accident. He departs after a cozy night (they feel a spark), and Fenny later learns from her granddaughter, an ER doctor, that a man has come asking for her to stitch him up-even as a woman lies with her throat slashed, her mouth taped shut with a note saying, "Please Dont Tell." Is there a connection shaping up here, and what did mom say about strangers? Big promotion.

Fen Dexters quiet life on the idyllic California coast is interrupted one stormy night when a blood-covered man shows up on her doorstep, claiming to have had a car accident. He tells her that he is on his way to San Francisco to help the police solve the murder of his fiance. Unable to make it to the hospital because of the storm, he stays the night at Fens, and the attraction between them is obvious. The next morning he heads to the hospital where Fens niece, Vivi, is an ER doctor. Vivi is treating the most recent target of a serial killer whose signature move is to leave a note saying "Please Dont Tell" taped across his victims mouths. When Fens mysterious stranger comes to Vivi to have his wounds stitched she agrees to set him up to talk with the police about his fiance. Who is this man, really? What does he want with Fen and her family? And will they live long enough to uncover the truth? Told with Elizabeth Adlers knack for terrific female characters and breathtaking twists, "Please Dont Tell "will keep you guessing, right up to the end.