"The best thing to happen to passionate admirers since binoculars. Samantha Irby is a stunted adolescent who spends her free time drinking fancy beer, eating expensive macaroons, and writing about smart ladies, dumb dudes, music, tacos, and diarrhea."--"Chicago Sun-Times"

"Her candor in style and subject matter--mostly sex, dating, and the general lousiness of men--has earned Samantha Irby a cult following. . . . Honesty mixed with self-deprecating humor is what propels readers."--"Timeout Chicago"

Samantha Irby explodes onto the printed page with her debut collection of brand-new essays about trying to laugh her way through failed relationships, being black, taco feasts, bouts with Crohns Disease, and more. Every essay is crafted with the same scathing wit and poignant candor thousands of loyal readers have come to expect from visiting her notoriously hilarious blog,

Samantha Irby is a writer and performer who mostly jokes about hot dudes, kittens, and magical tacos at the highly visited Internet site Seriously. Go read it. In addition to co-hosting The Sunday Night Sex Show, a sex-positive live lit show, and Guts & Glory, a reading series featuring essayists, she has performed at Essay Fiesta, Write Club, This Much is True, Grown Folks Stories, The Paper Machete, and Story Club, among others. She opened for Baratunde Thurston during his "How to Be Black" tour. Her work has appeared on the "Rumpus" and "Jezebel." Irby and creative partner Ian Belknap write a comedy advice blog at