The book you hold in your hands is a collection of stories, poems, art, music, quotes, activities, provocative questions, and more-all for the young adopted person who wants to figure out his or her story but doesn't know where to begin. It is a book of voices, from ages 11 to 63, speaking honestly and authentically about what it means to be adopted. Most are adoptees from around the world-some are transracial, some are international, some are from foster care, some are young, some are old. There are a few adoptive parents, birth parents, and professionals who share themselves in here as well. It is a series of experiences, expressions, feelings, hurts, hopes, dreams, and struggles from a wide range of individuals. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some will make you happy, some will make you feel less alone, some will offer advice, and some will just share. All of them are like us, figuring out where the Pieces of Me fit in with Who I Want to Be. Organized around the idea of putting a puzzle together, there are five major sections - Gathering the Pieces, Stolen Pieces, Fitting the Pieces, Sharing the Pieces, and Where do These Pieces Go?-all offering hope, encouragement, empowerment, and a sense of not being alone. Although it was conceived for the young adopted person, there are universal themes of healing, hope, and struggle all of us can resonate with. And if you are a parent, birth parent, or professional who works with adopted and foster kids, you will find a glimpse into their world. So, open the book. It doesn't matter where. Just open it up, and start to find the Pieces of Me: Who do I Want to Be? Book jacket.