Three girlfriends from Poland make their way in America-a story Dominczyk comes by naturally, as she had to emigrate here in 1983 owing to her fathers involvement in Solidarity. Actress Dominczyk is planning on a feature film.

A vibrant, engaging debut novel that follows the friendship of three women from their youthful days in Poland to their complicated, not-quite-successful adult lives
Because of her fathers role in the Solidarity movement, Anna and her parents immigrate to the United States in the 1980s as political refugees from Poland. They settle in Brooklyn among immigrants of every stripe, yet Anna never quite feels that she belongs. But then, the summer she turns twelve, she is sent back to Poland to visit her grandmother, and suddenly she experiences the shock of recognition. In her familys hometown of Kielce, Anna develops intense friendships with two local girls--brash and beautiful Justyna and desperately awkward Kamila--and their bond is renewed every summer when Anna returns. "The Lullaby of Polish Girls" follows these three best friends from their early teenage years on the lookout for boys in Kielce--a town so rough its citizens are called "the switchblades"--to the loss of innocence that wrecks them, and the stunning murder that reaches across oceans to bring them back together after theyve grown and long since left home.
Dagmara Dominczyks assured narrative flashes from the wild summers of the girls youth to their years of self-discovery in New York and Europe. Her writing is full of grit and guts, and her descriptions of the emotional experiences of her characters resonate with honesty." The Lullaby of Polish Girls" captures the passion and drama of friendship, the immigrants yearning to be known, and the exquisite and wistful transformation of young women coming of age.
Praise for "The Lullaby of Polish Girls"
""The Lullaby of Polish Girls" is a striking and vivid debut novel, absolutely buzzing with energy. Dagmara Dominczyks freshly observed story about the intertwined lives of three friends is both sexy and sensitive, with a raw, openhearted center. Dominczyks love for her complicated characters is apparent from the first page to the last, and by the novels end the reader cares for them just as deeply."--Emma Straub, author of "Laura Lamonts Life in Pictures"
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""The Lullaby of Polish Girls" will make you swoon. Dagmara Dominczyk has written a glorious debut novel inspired by her own emigration from Poland to Brooklyn with depth, intensity, humor, and grace. Dagmara is a natural-born storyteller. Im crazy about this book, and I know you will be too."--Adriana Trigiani, author of "The Shoemakers Wife"