Theres more than one kind of monster.
When Chase Daniels first sees the little girl in umbrella socks tearing open the Rottweiler, hes not too concerned. As a longtime meth addict, hes no stranger to horrifying, drug-fueled hallucinations.
But as he and his fellow junkies soon discover, the little girl is no illusion. The end of the world really has arrived.
The funny thing is, Chases life was over long before the apocalypse got here, his existence already reduced to a stinking basement apartment and a filthy mattress and an endless grind of buying and selling and using. Hes lied and cheated and stolen and broken his parents hearts a thousand times. And he threw away his only shot at sobriety a long time ago, when he chose the embrace of the drug over the woman he still loves.
And if your lifes already shattered beyond any normal hopes of redemption...well, maybe the end of the world is an "opportunity. "Maybe its a last chance for Chase to hit restart and become the man he once dreamed of being. Soon hes fighting to reconnect with his lost love and dreaming of becoming her hero among civilizations ruins.
But is salvation just another pipe dream?
Propelled by a blistering first-person voice and featuring a powerfully compelling antihero, "Fiend" is at once a riveting portrait of addiction, a pitch-black love story, and a meditation on hope, redemption, and delusion--not to mention one hell of a zombie novel.