Dicey and Jack, juniors at St. Petersburg High School in Florida, barely know each other before they're assigned as partners for a take care of an egg as if its your baby project. Dicey is outgoing, a baseball playeryour basic jock. Jack focuses on science and becoming valedictorianyour basic nerd. But they click, and their first real relationship would be great, if it werent for the zombies taking over St. Petersburg. One by one, the adults fall to the zombie fungus, and Jack and Dicey are on their own in an evacuated city (well, except for the teeming masses of zombies). Things turn even grimmer when Jack gets bitten. Dicey has to keep her boyfriends infectionand her boyfriendunder control, avoid gun-crazy locals on a rampage, and put her baseball bat to good use. A last-ditch run for their lives in an ice-cream truck might just get them to safety...and to what Dicey hopes is the cure for zombification.