Kick your sugar habit for good with the proven Sugar Detox program, Study after study is proving what's long been speculated: a diet heavy in sugar can create a host of health problems. It can also age you dramatically, promoting wrinkles, causing dry skin, and bringing back your worst teenage breakouts. Detoxing dynamic duo Brooke Alpert, acclaimed nutritionist, and Patricia Farris, dermatologist and go-to skin care guru, combine their years of expertise for a unique approach to get you feeling and looking your best ever. Starting with a 3-day plan to break your dependence on sugar (accompanied by the pampering 3-Day Skin Fix, spa-like treatments you can do at home) the program will help you rejuvenate from the inside out and the outside in with the following tools: A 31-day meal plan (including easing healthy sugars back into your diet), Shopping lists and 50 delicious, satiating recipes, Strategies for combating cravings and dining out, Lists of the best foods to eat for glowing, youthful skin, Suggestions for the best natural products to promote ultimate skin health Book jacket.