An internationally best-selling author, Irish lass Keyes returns to her chronicle of the relentlessly off-the-wall Walsh family, this time focusing on youngest sister Helen. Floundering at her job (shes a private investigator with a bad case of depression), Helen has returned home to Mammy. Soon shes on a case that doesnt entirely thrill her; shes to find Wayne Diffney ("the Wacky One"), a member of Irelands legendary 1990s boy band, Laddz; the other members (minus the "Talented One," long since decamped) are eager to launch a reunion tour. Not just wacky.

A witty novel of second chances from internationally bestselling author Keyes. Helen has a job as a private investigator that has proven less than fruitful. She runs into her ex-boyfriend and reluctantly signs on to help him locate a former pop star.