"A terrific resource for families of adolescents and young adults with autism and Asperger's disorder. Very well written, and with an engaging mix of short essays, vignettes, and wise advice, the book covers a remarkable range of topics. . . . Koegel and LaZebnik have done it again!" "I've worked with Dr. Koegel and have seen her work firsthand. Her well-tested interventions are very effective and her personality with kids and adults on the autistic spectrum is heartwarming. This book will be invaluable, enabling much growth through her years of experience, knowledge, and research." "An excellent, practical book for both parents and teachers that describes effective behavioral teaching methods. It contains lots of easy-to-understand descriptions for teaching language, dealing with tantrums, and helping an autistic child make friends." "Encouraging but realistic, the authors' humane, proactive tactics toward improving autistic behavior will interest parents willing to take a labor-intensive, teaching approach to their child's disorder." "It is the best and most practical book I have ever read in the area of autism. The content has great technical and scientific integrity, yet it is presented in friendly language in a straightforward, commonsense kind of manner. I will be promoting the book in every talk and workshop I give in the coming months and years." Book jacket.