Andrew Ward is former commentator for National Public Radio and an essayist for the Altantic Monthly and the Washington Post.

InThe Slaves’ War,the acclaimed historian Andrew Ward delivers an unprecedented vision of the nation’s bloodiest conflict. Woven together from hundreds of interviews, diaries, letters, and memoirs, here is a groundbreaking and poignant narrative of the CivilWar as seen from not only battlefields, capitals, and camps, but from slave quarters, kitchens, roadsides, and fields as well. Speaking in a quintessentially American language, body servants, army cooks, runaways, and gravediggers bring the war to life. From slaves’ theories about the causes of the CivilWar to their frank assessments of such major figures as Lincoln, Davis, Lee, and Grant; from their searing memories of the carnage of battle to their often startling attitudes toward masters and liberators alike; and from their initial jubilation at the Yankee invasion of the South to the crushing disappointment of freedom’s promise unfulfilled,The Slaves’ Waris a transformative and engrossing chronicle of America’s Second Revolution.