Can It Read My Mind? Will It Be Evil? How Do I Stop It? Find out the answers to these and other burning questions in this funny, informative, and ingenious book from two bioengineering experts who show you how to survive-and thrive-in a new age of truly weird science. Here you will find indispensable cautionary advice on topics such as bioenhancements: They're not just for cyborgs anymore. DNA sequencing and fingerprinting: What's scarier than the government having your DNA on file? Try having it posted on the Internet. human clones: Just like you, only stronger, smarter, and more attractive. In other words: more dangerous. Our future may be populated by designer babies, genetically enhanced supersoldiers, and one (or more!) of your genetic duplicates, but all is not lost. How to Defeat Your Own Clone is the ultimate survival guide to what lies ahead. Just remember the first rule of engagement: Don't ever let your clone read this book! Book jacket.