From Kevin Roose, New York magazine writer and author of the critically-acclaimed The Unlikely Disciple, comes a vivid, inside look at the new generation of Wall Street bankers.
Inside the Hidden World of Wall Streets Post-Crash Recruits
Every summer, thousands of high-achieving college graduates pack their bags and head to Wall Street to start new lives as junior investment bankers and traders at firms like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and Citigroup. Even after a massive economic collapse, a career in the financial industry remains a tempting path for many of Americas best and brightest. But what happens to these entry-level grunts once they join the money chase? And how did the financial crisis of 2008 change the high-flying world they inhabit?
YOUNG MONEY is an unprecedented (and unauthorized) trip inside the well-guarded subculture of Wall Streets youngest workers. "New York" magazine writer Kevin Roose spent more than three years shadowing eight junior employees at leading investment firms, all of whom began their careers after the crash. In an attempt to understand the financial worlds persistent allure, Roose visited Ivy League recruiting sessions, attended singles mixers and pre-hire training programs for young bankers, and snuck into a secretive and powerful Wall Street fraternity. What he saw wasnt just 100-hour workweeks, big bonuses, and wild parties. It was the birth of a new Wall Street, one that forced its youngest workers to grapple with their consciences and realign their priorities.
With hundreds of interviews and mountains of original reporting, YOUNG MONEY is more than an expose of excess; its a hilarious and accessible story, told through the eyes of eight memorable, young financiers, that shows how the Great Recession changed the attitudes of a generation.