Springtime in Fort Connor, Colorado, is a breeze until a veteran con man shows up in town. Everyone including the House of Lambspun knitters is up in arms, and once again it s up to Kelly Flynn to untangle the threads of a complicated crime
Kelly s good friend, the owner of the House of Lambspun, has something exciting up her sleeve. Her knitting shop has outgrown itself and she is looking to turn an old storage building into a classroom space for her shop s spinners and weavers.
But when an old familiar face shows up in town, nerves quickly become frayed
Years ago Jared Rizzoli, a former financial advisor, operated a Ponzi scheme that defrauded countless Fort Connor residents including Barbara, one of the shop s knitters. Jared went to jail for his crime, but after being released for good behavior, he s back to ruin more lives.
When Jared is found dead in his car outside of Lambspun, Barbara becomes a prime suspect, much to the shock of the knitting community. To save one of their own, Kelly and her friends need to sort through a long list of fleeced suspects to pin the crime on the true killer