A dizzying novel of deception and metempsychosis by the author of the National Book Award finalist "Far North

"Whatever this is, it started when Nicholas Slopen came back from the dead.
"In a locked ward of a notorious psychiatric hospital sits a man who insists that he is Dr. Nicholas Slopen, failed husband and impoverished Samuel Johnson scholar. Slopen has been dead for months. Yet nothing can make this man change his story. What begins as a tale of apparent forgery, involving unseen letters by the great Dr. Johnson, grows to encompass a conspiracy between a Silicon Valley mogul and his Russian allies to exploit the darkest secret of Soviet technology: the Malevin Procedure.
With echoes of both Jorge Luis Borges and Philip K. Dick, Marcel Theroux's "Strange Bodies" takes the reader on a dizzying speculative journey that poses questions about identity, authenticity, and what it means to be truly human.