"Vienna Nocturne" tells the story of the turbulent life and brilliantly successful career of young British opera singer Anna Storace, a child prodigy who is taken by her parents to Italy at age thirteen to advance her career. In love with life and wildly ambitious, Anna wants everything--to be famous, to be loved--and this leads her to make some fatal choices. We watch her turn from a carefree young girl to a passionate young woman, and it is during this transformation that her affair with Mozart blossoms. The story of their love, no less powerful for being forbidden, is reminiscent of the passionate thwarted romances described in "Loving Frank" and "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet." Written in melodious prose by a young author studying opera at Yale, "Vienna Nocturne" is dramatic story of a womans battle to find love and fame in an 18th-century world that controls and limits her at every turn.