To make his biggest score, Hans ready to take even bigger risks.
But even he cant do "this" job solo.
Han Solo should be basking in his moment of glory. After all, the cocky smuggler and captain of the "Millennium Falcon" just played a key role in the daring raid that destroyed the Death Star and landed the first serious blow to the Empire in its war against the Rebel Alliance. But after losing the reward his heroics earned him, Hans got nothing to celebrate. Especially since hes deep in debt to the ruthless crime lord Jabba the Hutt. Theres a bounty on Hans head--and if he cant cough up the credits, hell surely pay with his hide. The only thing that can save him is a kings ransom. Or maybe a gangsters fortune? Thats what a mysterious stranger is offering in exchange for Hans less-than-legal help with a riskier-than-usual caper. The payoff will be more than enough for Han to settle up with Jabba--and ensure he never has to haggle with the Hutts again.
All he has to do is infiltrate the ultra-fortified stronghold of a Black Sun crime syndicate underboss and crack the galaxys most notoriously impregnable safe. It sounds like a job for miracle workers . . . or madmen. So Han assembles a gallery of rogues who are a little of both--including his indispensable sidekick Chewbacca and the cunning Lando Calrissian. If anyone can dodge, deceive, and defeat heavily armed thugs, killer droids, and Imperial agents alike--and pull off the heist of the century--its Solos scoundrels. But will their crime really pay, or will it cost them the ultimate price?
Praise for "Scoundrels"
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"Rapid-fire adventure that] adds yet another dimension of enjoyment to a rousing galactic romp."--"Library Journal"
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"Highly entertaining . . . excellent "Star Wars" . . . There are "many" twists and turns and] Zahn manages to find ways to twist them one step further than youd expect."
" "Scoundrels"] brings freshness to the franchise."--"USA Today"