Orner returns to the short form he handled so well in The Esther Stories, a Rome Prize winner. His telling little vignettes-a woman whose husband dies before their divorce is final, a father and daughter trying to outdistance a hurricane-should please fans of astute literature.

The long-awaited second collection of stories from a writer whose first was hailed as "one of the best story collections of the last decade" (Kevin Brockmeier).In "Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge, "Peter""Orner zeroes in on the strange ways our memories define us: A womans husband dies before their divorce is finalized; a man runs for governor of Illinois and loses much more than an election; two brothers play beneath the infamous bridge at Chappaquiddick. Employing the masterful compression for which hes become known, Orner presents a kaleidoscope of individual lives viewed in startling, intimate close-up. Whether writing of Geraldo Riveras attempt to reveal the contents of Al Capones vault or of a father and daughter trying to outrun a hurricane, he illuminates universal themes. In stories that span considerable geographic ground-from Chicago to Wyoming, from Massachusetts to the Czech Republic-he writes of the past we cant seem to shake, the losses we cant make up for, and how our stories help us reclaim what we thought was gone forever.