A University of Chicago paleontologist and evolutionary biologist, Shubin discovered the fossilized Tiktaalik roseae ("a mosaic of primitive fish and derived amphibian"); his best-selling Your Inner Fish parallels human anatomy with the structures of the fish that first wriggled landward. Here he goes one step further, explaining how the universes 14-billion-year history is reflected in our very bodies. With a 100,000-copy first printing and a ten-city tour.

**Kirkus Best Books of the Year (2013)**

From one of our finest and most popular science writers, and the best-selling author of Your Inner Fish, comes the answer to a scientific mystery as big as the world itself: How are the events that formed our solar system billions of years ago embedded inside each of us?

In Your Inner Fish, Neil Shubin delved into the amazing connections between human bodies--our hands, heads, and jaws--and the structures in fish and worms that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. In The Universe Within, with his trademark clarity and exuberance, Shubin takes an even more expansive approach to the question of why we look the way we do. Starting once again with fossils, he turns his gaze skyward, showing us how the entirety of the universe's fourteen-billion-year history can be seen in our bodies. As he moves from our very molecular composition (a result of stellar events at the origin of our solar system) through the workings of our eyes, Shubin makes clear how the evolution of the cosmos has profoundly marked our own bodies.