In this second Chicks with Sticks novel, the friendship between Scottie, Tay, Amanda, and Bella has survived the events of the last year with the help of some yarn therapy. After all that trauma, they're as solid as a fisherman's sweater. Or are they? Includes bonus knitting patterns and projects.

Scottie, Tay, Amanda, and Bella—an angsty artist’s daughter, an indie tomboy, a trust fund princess, and a new age yoga goddess. Their friendship defies the odds, yet last year, fate (and a whole lot of yarn) bound them together. As the Chicks with Sticks, they survived it all, with the help of some yarn therapy, and knit past even the closing of their beloved local yarn store and the loss of their knitting guru, Alice. After all that trauma, they’re as solid as a fisherman’s sweater. Or are they? As the Chicks begin their second year together, their tight circle faces the biggest challenge yet: boys. And one hot guy in particular threatens to unravel the girls’ tight bond. Can the four friends knit through this drama, or will their friendship fall apart?