From USA Today bestselling authorMary Daheim comes her latestBed-and-Breakfast mystery featuringinnkeeper and reluctant sleuth Judith McMonigle Flynn, who is surprised when someone from her past comes knockingwith a case so cold it's practically frozen . . .

Gone with the Win

Flynn has vowed never ever to find a dead body again (at least not for a while). But despite warnings from Cousin Renie, she can't turn down a suspicious guest reservation from Mary Smith of New York City. There must be many real Mary Smiths, especially in a place as big as NYC. . . .

Unfortunately, Judith already knows the woman who shows up at Hillside Manor. She's none other than Ruby Tooms, the world-weary barmaid the cousins met at Oktoberfest in Little Bavaria. Fearing that Judith wouldn't accept her reservation if she used her real name, Ruby arrives with some unexpected baggage-a cold case she dumps on Hillside Manor's Persian carpet. Ruby's mother was strangled after she divorced Jimmy Tooms, Ruby's father. Jimmy was in the clear, behind bars at the time for stealing Judith's wallet when Dan McMonigle's ill-fated Meat & Mingle Café went bust. Ruby wants to know if Judith can use her sleuthing skills to finger a murderer from fifteen years ago.

Judith is about to say no when her husband, Joe Flynn, tells her that the homicide case was his former partner and old pal Woody Price's first murder investigation. Now the game is afoot, and for once Joe is more than willing to help his wife turn a cold case into a hot chase in pursuit of a long-ago killer.

In Gone with the Win, another charming entry in Mary Daheim's beloved Bed-and-Breakfast series, someone from Judith McMonigle Flynn's past comes knocking, and the reluctant amateur sleuth finds herself working a case so cold it's practically frozen.

Ruby Tooms drops her bags and a mystery on the lovely Persian carpet of Hillside Manor, Judith's bed-and-breakfast in Seattle.

Ruby's mother was strangled years before, soon after her divorce from Ruby's father--and the killer is still at large.

Undaunted, Judith agrees to help Ruby. Cousin Renie grudgingly pitches in, and even Judith's husband, Joe, gets involved.

The game's afoot and ahoof with Judith discovering that the hand she's been dealt includes not only a joker but that deadly card, the Ace of Spades. And, she's pursuit of a killer.