Picked by the estate of blockbuster author Sheldon to continue his work, Bagshawe (Adored) turns out a tale of high society, high finance, and top government circles where the glitter hides the dirt. At its heart is the De Vere family, whose members glide gracefully among grand homes in London and Oxfordshire and on Marthas Vineyard but will soon see old family hatreds and the indiscretions of youth come damagingly to the fore. With a one-day laydown on April 9 and a 125,000-copy first printing.

New York Times bestselling author Tilly Bagshawe, who delivered the late beloved author’s brilliance in Sidney Sheldon’s After the Darkness, is back with a stunning tale of duplicity and vengeance in Sidney Sheldon’s The Tides of Memory.

The members of the formidable and captivating De Vere family of London live enviable lives in the world’s most powerful and desirable places, from London’s poshest neighborhoods to influential boardrooms. But when old secrets begin to unravel and threaten everything the De Veres have worked for, the ramifications are deadly.

Bagshawe upholds Sheldon’s legacy with a blistering story of revenge, passion, and betrayal in a book that is quintessential Sheldon.