Robert A. Holland is professor of philosophy at Hofstra University.

Chicago in Maps is a luxuriously illustrated cartographic history of Chicago, known for centuries as the gateway city to the West. The powerful and evocative documents reproduced here offer an unprecedented avenue to the city's past-a fascinating collective portrait of the evolution of one of America's great towns. Among the seventy-four maps featured, many are seminal exemplars of this timeless art form: the -Kinzie Map, - which accompanied the Narrative of the Massacre of 1812; the Rand McNally -View of the World's Columbian Exposition- of 1893; Daniel Burnham's influential -Chicago Plan- of 1909, which epitomized the ambitions of the City Beautiful Movement; W. T. Stead's -Map of Sin-; and Bruce-Roberts' 1931 -Gangland Map--a tongue-in-cheek -expose- of a city populated by such powerful underworld figures as Al Capone, -Baby Face- Nelson, -Machine Gun- Kelly, and others, indicating various gang territories and warehouses. Filled with fascinating historical anecdotes and detailed scholarship, Chicago in Maps is a work that will be highly prized by map lovers and history buffs alike. It is a sumptuous feast of glorious full-color reproductions of maps by the some of the world's most extraordinary cartographers.