"In this charming autobiographical essay, Albert Schweitzer tells of his first nineteen years in Upper Alsace and his youthful discoveries of religion, music, and the inspiration of friendship. Even in his boyhood there were traces of what was to become his "reverence for life": as a boy, he writes, he managed to dissuade several companions from going fishing because of the pain he felt the deed gave to both the worm and the fish. In poignant vignettes, Schweitzer also describes his unhappiness at discovering that he had better food or better clothing than those around him. Memoirs of Childhood and Youth offers wonderful insights on Dr. Schweitzer's childhood journey that eventually led him to dedicate himself to medical service in African colonies." "This new translation also has rarely seen photographs of Schweitzer, both as a youth and as an adult."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

This text owes its existence to a 1923 psycoanalytic session conducted by Dr O. Pfister with the then 49-year-old Schweitzer. Immersed in Christianity and covering his first 19 years, this reveals what led him to serve his life's work in Africa as a missionary.