"For a weary and exhausted Europe, it is a time to begin picking up the pieces of the past, and for the armies of displaced persons on the move to slowly return home - if they still have one. But for Evelyn Sert, a young twenty-year-old woman from London standing on the deck of a ship bound for Palestine, it is a time of adventure and a time of change when anything seems possible." "Evelyn is quickly caught up in the spirited, chaotic churning of her new, strange country. Unsure of herself and where she belongs in this exotic world whose only constant is change, she will first join a kibbutz, then move on to the teeming metropolis of Tel Aviv to find her own home and a collection of friends as eccentric and disparate as the city itself. Ultimately, she will find love with a man who is not what he seems to be, as she is swept up as an unwitting spy in an underground army for a nation fighting to be born."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved