Rich explains the mystique of Southern women and why they always get what they want, and shows how women can achieve the same kind of personal and professional success by retaining their femininity and respect for tradition, choosing their battles carefully, and being courteous and positive.

Ronda Rich, a true Southern belle, enlightens women on the age-old art of flirting--an art that any woman can master. She reveals the techniques and secrets for making the most of every woman's natural female instincts--whether at home, in the office, or in any social situation that calls for a little extra honeysuckle. With good humor, real-life anecdotes, and plenty of savvy know-how, Ronda shows readers how to:

- Win others over with grace, confidence, and charm
- Master the art of social, courtship, and romantic flirting (and know the differences between them)
- Use sincere flattery to get you everywhere
- Be a good storyteller and a good listener
- Exude courtesy, gratitude, and kindness as you truly connect with others