* Provides a comprehensive overview of the geographic operation of the Underground Railroad, encompassing every region in the United States and Canada where assistance was given to fugitive slaves

* Explores a key curricular area from a new angle, using the most recent, cutting-edge research to ascertain why these sites were used and how plans were carried out

* Offers detailed accounts of individual Underground Railroad stations (towns, states, homes, sites, waterways, and routes) ranging from the home of Frederick Douglass to Niagara Falls

* Ties into National Standards for U.S. History, Era 4: Civil War and Reconstruction

This up-to-date compilation details the most significant stops along the Underground Railroad.

* Approximately 75 A-Z entries cover the most significant stations on the Underground Railroad

* Illustrations and maps help readers envision routes and strategies of railroad "conductors"

* Interactive sidebars offer a firsthand glimpse into the arduous nature of Underground Railroad journeys, the decisions made, and the plans involved

* Primary source letters and diary entries detail actual incidents that took place

* A chronology includes important events related to the Underground Railroad from the Colonial Period to the Civil War

* Suggested reading sections after each entry and a general print and nonprint bibliography act as a guide for further research