Lucas, the matchmaker of Thomas Jefferson High School, faces his greatest challenge: to set up his brokenhearted best friend Cate with Derek, the hot new guy at school. But Lucas has to figure out why Derek is flirting more with him than with Cate.

In all my years of matchmaking it had taken me until then to realize: The trick was not to hope. Not for myself, anyway. I'd save my hope for the people I set up. Lucas is a genius matchmaker, a hook-up artist, and everyone at Thomas Jefferson High School seems to need his expertise. When it comes to finding his own true love, things aren't so easy. He's had his heart broken and the prospects aren't promising. But Lucas has bigger worries -- his best friend, Cate, has just been dumped, and he has to find her new Mr. Right. And right on schedule, a new guy shows up at TJHS. Derek is friendly, athletic, and the hottie of the century. As the matchmaker tries to work his magic, it seems like Derek is flirting with Lucas more than with Cate. Which makes everyone wonder -- who is Derek interested in, anyway?