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Mermin, a refugee from the undersea land of Mer, first appeared in a series of five self-published comics, which have been compiled, reworked, and newly colored by Weiser (The Ride Home) in this collection. The title character is a green, bug-eyed, superstrong fish-boy who washes up on the beach, where he's discovered by fifth-graders Pete and Toby, as well as Toby's older sister. After Mermin saves Pete from a shark (a good old kick to the snout does the trick), the boy offers to take Mermin in. Middle-school shenanigans ensue as Mermin perplexes Toby's classmates, parents, and teachers, while avoiding the water for reasons he won't reveal. With the school pool filling up with fish and a whalelike mercenary lurking in the shadows, it quickly becomes clear that Mer isn't letting Mermin go without a fight. The slapstick comedy, climactic battle scenes, and in-your-face cartooning add up to a story with the feel of an animated cartoon series, if not an especially ground-breaking one. Many questions about Mermin remain unanswered, suggesting that future adventures may be in store. All ages. (Feb.)? (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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When a strange fish-boy washes up at the beach, Pete, his friend Toby, and Toby's big sister, Claire, aren't sure what to make of him. But soon Mer, the Merman from Mermin, is living with Pete and on the run from his mysterious and watery past. Mer's confusion about human life is amusing, as are Toby's parents' and teacher's reactions to Mer's appearance. Weisner's art is bright and modern. The action scenes and (literal) fish out of water story line will appeal to superhero fans in particular. Unfortunately, readers may be frustrated by the lack of answers to the many questions raised and the unresolved ending, which waters down an otherwise strong tale. Give this to Lunch Lady or Dragonbreath fans while they wait for the next installment of those series. The fish-boy and his human friends are a likable crew, so hopefully fans can spend some more time with them in future adventures.--Wildsmith, Snow Copyright 2010 Booklist