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Art consultant Alix London, who is trying to get her fledgling business off the ground, is thrilled when Christine LeMay offers her the chance to authenticate a Georgia O'Keeffe painting she would like to buy. The two travel to Santa Fe where Liz Coane, the art dealer offering the painting, lives. Soon after their arrival, they find Liz's body and stop the thief who is in the process of stealing the painting. Alix works to discover whether the O'Keeffe painting is a forgery (as she suspects) and then teams up with Ted Ellesworth, of the FBI Art Crime Team, who has been investigating Coane's gallery, to solve the murder and determine the motive. Complicating matters, Alix's father is a reformed art forger whose past may discredit Alix by association. A multitude of fascinating details about Georgia O'Keefe and the art world in general frame the fast-paced mystery.--O'Brien, Sue Copyright 2010 Booklist