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Jason Freak Milwaukee is relegated to the SED (Severely Emotionally Disturbed) classroom with the other kids defined by their alphabetic disorders. Freak began his life as GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) but is now SCZI (Schizophrenic). He shares a close allegiance with Drip (ADHD) and Sunshine, a selective mute (SM) who speaks only to them. When Sunshine disappears and the FBI is called in, Freak finds himself the prime suspect in her disappearance and is torn between protecting her secret and saving her life. Freak's narrative alternates between his own salient first-person exposition and the blurry cacophony of the voices in his head, giving the reader a powerful sense of his daily struggle. We feel the atmospheric confusion that clouds his thoughts and his keen understanding of exactly how and why it makes him special. From his casual acceptance of his place on the short bus to his poignant struggles with his military parents, Freak's attitudes and interactions offer a nuanced portrait of a teen living with a severe mental illness, both in its devastating difference and its common truth.--Barthelmess, Thom Copyright 2010 Booklist