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Docie, an inventor himself and president of a company that provides services for inventors and corporations, is careful to inform readers that he is not an attorney and is not offering legal advice. What he aims to do in this book is to advise inventors on how to work through the process of marketing and bring their ideas to commercial use. Advice focuses on market and industry research; identifying, contacting, and negotiating with appropriate licensees; and deciding which professional service firms are right for the inventor. This work contains lists of resources useful to inventors, including information on patent and trademark libraries, government programs and contacts, inventor organizations, and other resources. In addition, there is a glossary of important terms. The "Patent and new product workbook," which appears at the end of the volume, will be useful for keeping track of the various steps in the process that Docie describes. This workbook can also be found online at the publisher's Web site ; readers can search for the book's title and find a link to a PDF of the workbook. Docie also maintains a Web site with resources for inventors. Summing Up: Recommended. Collections supporting general readers, all levels of students, and professionals. D. G. Ernsthausen University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill