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Almost 80, MacLaine has earned the right to do this book in a bit of shorthand. The title question leads off every topic and sometimes is just one line on a page for the reader to answer: What if we were as aware of our spiritual condition as our physical nutrition? These shorter questions run the gamut from thoughts about the Constitution to wondering if dogs reincarnate. But there are much longer answers to queries, too. What if getting a Lifetime Achievement Award turned out to be like going to your own funeral? That gives MacLaine 20 pages to riff about her American Film Institute award, who was there, what was said, and whether it was smart to wear a wig. Her take on Downton Abbey is also lots of fun. And does she mention her favorite topics karma, reincarnation, and spacemen? Why, yes, she does! She's heard every joke and endured the scoffing for decades now, but she hasn't budged on her firmly held New Age beliefs. Fun and thoughtful by turns and told in MacLaine's feisty, funny voice, this should appeal to fans and doubters alike.--Cooper, Ilene Copyright 2010 Booklist