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*Starred Review* Weber's Mission of Honor (2012) ended with several significant revelations in the Honor Harrington series, most notably a military alliance between Manticore and Haven that resulted in a resounding defeat for the invading Solarian Fleet and Core World Beowulf's declaration that it ally with Manticore and Haven. Eager series fans may be slightly disappointed that this installment doesn't immediately pick up on these developments but backs up several months to retell events from the point of view of Michelle Henke, Harrington's best friend and the commanding officer of the troops stationed in the Talbott Quadrant. Readers should pay close attention to the dates, as this volume covers approximately six months, four of which overlap with Mission of Honor's chronology. Except for in a few chapters, nearly all the action will be new to fans, including a great deal of unrest in the nearby sectors of the League, unrest that Mesan agents may be stirring up but that draws in Michelle's 10th Fleet. Readers intrigued by Michelle and other characters introduced in Shadow of Saganami (2004) should be thrilled that they're getting additional page-time and character development here. With its narrow focus on Talbott and the adjoining systems, this is a rather compact volume for Weber, but once the action gets going, readers won't be able to stop until the last page. Given an ending that sets up future big developments, fans will soon be clamoring for the next Honorable volume. A must for all sf collections. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Weber is prolific and popular, and his fans constantly clamor for more. No problem, as bloggers confirm that the next volumes are already drafted.--Moyer, Jessica Copyright 2010 Booklist