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Armageddon looms as teen magicians Carter and Sadie Kane work feverishly to foil the evil machinations of the Chaos snake, Apophis, and, ultimately, to destroy him. These modern-day siblings have a lot going for them in the struggle, from gifted fellow magicians to the Egyptian gods themselves, but between frequent attacks from an assortment of enemies and the realization that their stalwart friend, Walt, is dying, the outcome of the conflict often looks bleak. While the final battle rages, each of the main characters merges with one of the gods in hopes that their magnified powers will enable them to prevail. This epic battle and the quiet concluding chapters glow, alternating heroism and humanity, with any trace of bombast erased by the wry wit of the alternating narrators, Sadie and Carter. As in The Red Pyramid (2010) and The Throne of Fire (2011), the cast of characters here is confusingly large and the backstory sometimes seems tucked into the spaces between the battles. But powered by Riordan's talent for creating vividly written action scenes and his ability to keep a complicated story moving, this volume brings the Kane Chronicles series to a rousing conclusion.--Phelan, Carolyn Copyright 2010 Booklist