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Doetsch steps up his game with his fourth thriller featuring ex-thief Michael St. Pierre (after 2010's lackluster The Thieves of Darkness). U.S. Army Col. Isaac Lucas drags St. Pierre, now the head of a security consulting business, back into the criminal life and forces Michael's girlfriend, KC Ryan, to commit her own criminal act as well. Michael has to steal an ancient Chinese object from the Venetian Casino Macau, "the largest, richest casino in the world," and KC must steal another part of the artifact from the Forbidden City in Beijing. Chinese gang leader Xiao Yan Wang also wants the artifact, which, if he can gain possession of it, will make him the most dangerous man on the planet. In the end, Michael, KC, and Wang wind up on the mysterious island of Penglai, where they battle for control of the deadly artifact. Plenty of action blends with interesting history and criminal tradecraft for a satisfying read. Agent: Cynthia Manson, Cynthia Manson Literary. (Nov.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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*Starred Review* Doetsch continues to demonstrate why he's one of the best thriller writers in the business. In his latest Michael St. Pierre novel, Michael is trying to escape his thieving background and settle down with his girlfriend, KC. The settling-down part, unfortunately, will have to wait. At the airport, a woman befriends KC, but she has a secret agenda. Soon Michael is forced to take on an impossible assignment involving Chinese triads if he wants KC to survive. He must steal a priceless artifact from an impenetrable vault and solve a centuries-old mystery in less than five days. Meanwhile, KC has been given an assignment of her own that also appears impossible, and if she fails, Michael will die. The heroes and villains are all well rounded, and the plot twists are exceptional. Another strong entry in Doetsch's Thieves series, following The Thieves of Darkness (2010).--Ayers, Jeff Copyright 2010 Booklist