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Deveraux returns to the idyllic Virginia town of Edilean for the finale in her trilogy (Moonlight in the Morning, 2012; Stranger in the Moonlight, 2012) about three former college roommates who find love and purpose within the close-knit community. After being dumped by frozen-food heir Carter, Sophie escapes to Edilean, where her friend Kim gets her a job with her brother Reede, who has been unhappily filling in as the local doctor. Nearly the entire town colludes to get Reede and Sophie together when they see how happy she makes him and, in turn, how much nicer he is to his patients and staff. This group effort to help Sophie find happiness is endearing, but some of the plot points, which include Sophie and Reede foiling robbers who target Edilean's big masquerade party, are far-fetched and underdeveloped. But this novel does wrap things up neatly for readers who followed the trilogy, with happy endings for Sophie, Reede, and a host of others.--Walker, Aleksandra Copyright 2010 Booklist