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Whether it is babysitting, mowing lawns, or a lemonade stand, young entrepreneurs wanting to own and operate their own businesses will find this practical, introductory guide an excellent source of advice. Bielagus, a financial advisor who started his own yard-service business in sixth grade, tells teens that the ideal business to start is one that meets all five criteria of what he calls the Five S Formula : simple, safe, skills, satisfying, and self-seller. He lists 101 businesses teens can start that fit this formula, and includes details on how to get started. In addition to introducing readers to economics fundamentals and business terminology, Bielagus advises teens on such topics as finding customers, drawing financial and marketing plans, accounting, creating a Web presence, and what to do with the money made. Although the format is not particularly appealing, Bielagus' conversational style and the frequent insertion of anecdotes from successful teen entrepreneurs make the text accessible. Appendixes include a glossary and samples of a press release, loan agreement, invoice, and business plan.--Sullivan, Ed Copyright 2009 Booklist