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New economic times demand new economic strategies. In her tenth book, Orman deals some hard and sobering truths to readers, truths she had difficulty embracing. The parameters remain the same. She talks about home, job and career, family, retirement, and spending. Yet the advice often differs dramatically from that of previous books. She begins each section with hard-edged facts; for example, if unemployment hits you, be prepared to accept a job, almost any job, at a lower salary level than before. Do not wait for the best job; take the best option that you have today. Pay off your mortgage before retiring. Delay Social Security benefits at least until the government's full retirement age. And so on. Sidebars lend detailed insight to chapters on topics including life insurance as the ultimate gesture of love, the risks of private college loans, and questions condo buyers need to ask. It's a very straightforward but still optimistic message that Orman's delivering: Live below your means but within your needs. High-Demand Backstory: Orman's new book will be given a publicity blitz of enormous proportions, which could even include billboards.--Jacobs, Barbara Copyright 2010 Booklist