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Sassy, ribald, and deliciously fun, Coleridge's latest social-commentary send-up puts a modern spin on Vanity Fair with the scheming yet quite practical and even likable Cath Fox. Beginning as an assistant matron at an English girls' school, Cath starts her rise to the top with a besotted married man and continues up and up the food chain. Inked with some daring tattoos and boasting exceedingly humble origins stuffed into the hidden closets of memory, Cath shapes and reshapes herself, learning quickly the nuances of culture far above her own background and relying on the timeless knowledge that most men become putty in the hands of a beautiful woman. Succulent in its revelry in the baser instincts of humanity and as unabashedly enticing as the juiciest soap opera, this novel chronicles the fallout from the path of the calculating Cath, making for great beach reading a la Jackie Collins, Danielle Steele, and Michael Korda.--Trevelyan, Julie Copyright 2010 Booklist