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Sophie Apperly's artistic family treats her like a servant. In fact, they even offer her services to other relatives. So when evil Uncle Ernie's housekeeper goes to Australia for two weeks, Sophie's mother, hoping to move up in the queue for inheritance, volunteers Sophie to take care of him. Uncle Ernie turns out, however, to be delightful, not nefarious, and when her stay is over, Sophie decides that instead of returning to familial servitude, she'll take advantage of her friend Millie's invitation to come to New York City. Millie even secures a nanny position for Sophie, so she'll have enough money to survive. Unfortunately, the job doesn't pan out, and with no green card, it looks as though Sophie will have to go back home. But when Sophie rushes to the rescue of Matilda, an elderly woman who looks as though she's about to pass out, she and her grandson, Luke, begin a whole new chapter in Sophie's life. A witty romance with Bridget Jones appeal.--Mosley, Shelley Copyright 2010 Booklist