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House minority leader John Fitzpatrick Mahoney, a Massachusetts Democrat who longs to regain the speaker's gavel, turns to Joe DeMarco for help with a personal matter, in Lawson's outstanding eighth thriller featuring the Congressional fixer (after 2012's House Blood). Mahoney summons DeMarco to his office, where a representative of the SEC has some bad news. Mahoney's tech-engineer daughter, Molly, is about to be arrested for insider trading. The SEC is after Molly because they think she bought stock worth $500,000 in a company that her Rockville, Md., employer, Reston Technology, knew was on the verge of a scientific breakthrough. When DeMarco investigates, he discovers that Molly has a serious gambling problem and is in deep debt to mobster Ted Allen, who runs a casino in Atlantic City, N.J. As usual, the characters-notably an interesting mix of gangsters, who range from deadly to hilarious-matter more than the plot. Agent: David Gernert, the Gernert Company. (July) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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When House Minority Leader John Patrick Mahoney's daughter, Molly, is arrested for insider trading, Joe DeMarco, Mahoney's personal troubleshooter, is pulled from his dentist's chair to investigate. Joe, as cynical as Mahoney is Machiavellian, knows Molly and is convinced that the quiet young engineer is an innocent victim of identity theft, but he also suspects that the real target may be Mahoney himself. In short order, DeMarco winds up in a bubbling cauldron of crime, political knavery, and ne'er-do-wells, including a Philly mobster, his Atlantic City casino manager, their thugs, a crazy Manhattan financial wheeler-dealer, and two former college football teammates. Hovering over it all is the never-ending guerrilla war that is partisan politics in a gridlocked House of Representatives, a conflict less popular with citizens than head lice. Lawson has written another fine installment in his DeMarco series, filled with vividly drawn characters, a plot with more bends than the Mississippi River, a brisk pace, and a fine sense of inside-the-Beltway verisimilitude.--Gaughan, Thomas Copyright 2010 Booklist