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Bestseller Graham (The Unspoken) rubs two wounded characters together to get sparks in this straightforward urban fantasy series launch set in the seedy districts and bayous of New Orleans. When Danni Cafferty inherits her father's curio shop, she also acquires his volume of ancient lore and his occasional partner, Michael Quinn, an ex-cop and PI who's investigating the deaths surrounding ownership of a Renaissance bust. Michael drags Danni into a hunt where seemingly random meetings turn fatal, and they need the help of both a voodoo priestess and a Catholic priest. As Michael and Danni exhibit unusual powers, a romance develops between them. Graham delivers more of a tickler than a thriller, with a sketchy setting illustrated mostly by po' boys and the brave, noble NOPD. The mysteries of haunted bust and hurting hearts do not pose much of a challenge, but fans of romantic urban fantasy will look forward to seeing where Michael and Danni go next. Agent: Aaron Priest, the Aaron Priest Literary Agency. (Apr.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.